Instant Pasta

As most people know, there are instant noodles that are available in the market that takes a short time to prepare and cook. There are also instant pasta in the market that cooks in an extremely short time.

Our normal pasta takes at least 10 minutes to prepare and cook before it is ready to be served, which is rather time consuming. With instant pasta, the meal would just be 2 to 3 minutes away. Instant pasta makes it possible for people with a busy schedule to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal of pasta in the comfort of time.

instant pasta

Pasta Foods

Pasta Foods has launched pasta rapido, a range of pasta shapes which does not need to be cooked before eating. The products have all the traditional benefits of durum pasta, but are prepared by the addition of hot, or even cold, water.

Unlike noodles made from soft or non durum wheat or rice flour, pasta rapido has the al dente texture of Italian pasta and that unique pasta flavour that is as good as the conventional pastas in the market.

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