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There are few who don’t love pizza. Although rice and noodles are Singaporean staples, pizza has never diminished in popularity throughout the years. In fact, its demand is growing, as evident from the rising number of pizzerias and Italian restaurants that are thriving in Singapore’s food scene.

Singaporeans have become pizza connoisseurs and fastidious eaters. On our small sunny island, there is a substantial variety of pizza places and styles. From the efficiently-made American pizzas at Pizza Hut to the very fascinating Japanese pizzas, pizza lovers in Singapore are spoilt for choice. For the heartlanders, pizzas are also available at food courts, while fine restaurants and hotels boast pizzas of the finest quality. Also, our very own creation of kaya pizzas is sure to blow your mind away. Kaya is a sweet local jam made of coconut – a favorite with Singaporeans. Pizzas have been integrated into almost every menu. In fact, pizza is so well-loved that many have attempted to create their very own pizza from scratch. You can find our favorite recipe here!

Crusts are an important part of one’s pizza experience. Crispy, chewy, thin or thick, the choices are staggering. An important part of how the crust turns out is actually the process of how the dough is made. So next time you see those pizza chefs spinning dough in the air, you know your crust is going to turn out more tender and crispier! Some crusts are even stuffed with ingredients like meat to make your food episode even richer, if you’d like.

There has been a flourishing of home delivered pizza outlets following its growing popularity. There are at least eleven pizzerias rivaling one another to satisfy this rising demand. Competition is fierce amongst these players. pizza

The major player on the scene is Pizza Hut. It pioneered the very first home delivery service in 1986, and sparked a trend. Since then, the number of home delivery pizza services has increased to more than a dozen.  

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